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The Illustrious P Visa: The Circus is in Town!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

This short, dual-intent visa is available to outstanding atheletes and athletic teams, as well as entertainment companies (circuses included) with a job offer from a U.S. employer. (Admission of up to one year, but five years for athletes, with one additional five year extension).

P-1 Athletes and Group Entertainers

A person who performs as an ATHLETE, INDIVIDUALLY OR as part of a GROUP that is “internationally recognized” (P-1A), or a person who performs with an entertainment group that has been recognized INTERNATIONALLY as being OUTSTANDING in the discipline for a sustained period of time (P-1B), and in the case of the PERFORMER, has had a relationship with the group for at least one year. (Nationally recognized circuses are exempt from the one year requirement).

P-2 Reciprocal Exchange Program

A P-2 visa is an option for an artist or entertainer who will perform under a reciprocal exchange program between a U.S. organization and a foreign organization that provides for the temporary exchange of artists, entertainers or groups.

P-3 Culturally Unique Program

A P-3 visa is an option for an artist or entertainer who performs, teaches, or coaches in a “culturally unique” program that will further the understanding or development of the art form.

If you think that you, your team, or group, would qualify for one of these types of visas, reach out to a U.S. immigration lawyer.

Photo by Conor Samuel on Unsplash

A woman performing with a large hoop with six flaming attachments


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