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Want to Study in USA? Three visas for you!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Many foreign nationals go to the USA to study each year. Three nonimmigrant visas are utilized: F-1 (Degree Seeking and English), J-1 (Post-Secondary Exchange Visitor), and M-1 (Vocational, e.g. technical courses). Speak to a DSO (Designated School Official) at a reputable school. There are advantages and drawbacks to each visa type.

Students must be wary of fake schools (e.g. "University of Northern New Jersey", which was actually a sting operation by ICE) or fake employers (e.g. AZ Tech, Andco, Integra, and Wireclass). The penalties are severe for international students who fail to follow the strict requirements of their visas, including immediate revocation of the visas and a lifetime bar on returning to the U.S.

Article on "University of Northern New Jersey" sting operation engineered by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement):

News article on fake employers (AZ Tech, Andco, Integra, and Wireclass):

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