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US Attorney General Seeks to Expand Power on Immigration Cases

Although U.S. Law provides numerous protections to foreign nationals while inside the United States, full due process is only available to U.S. citizens. The result is plainly evident in the immigration courts, where cases are presided over by judges who are not independent from the U.S. Department of Justice, and hearsay statements are often used to incriminate defendants even though such statements would be outright inadmissible in comparable criminal proceedings. In a nutshell, the deck is heavily stacked against foreign nationals who find themselves before immigration judges. Now, the attorney general seeks to further reduce the rights of foreign nationals. This article exposes the Attorney General’s overt attempt to randomly assume jurisdiction over any immigration case, power which is being habitually used to harm foreign nationals rather than to help them. It is important that foreign nationals understand the extent of the anti-immigrant climate that currently exists throughout the United States, and that foreign nationals keep in communication with an immigration attorney during their stays in United States.



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