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Time is Running Out! Annual "Green Card" Lottery (DV-2021) Closes in 4 Days!

The registration period for the annual Diversity Visa program a/k/a "the Green Card Lottery" will end on noon, Eastern Time, Tuesday November 5, 2019. Don't miss it!

Foreign Nationals from countries with low rates of admission to the USA are eligible to participate in the program/lottery. Enrollment is free of charge. If you were born in one country but you are either: (i) a citizen of another country, or (ii) reside in another country, consult with an immigration lawyer about your specific country of "chargeability". By listing the wrong country of "chargeability", you will be disqualified from the lottery even if you were to win. In such an instance, you would not receive a DV visa.

For a full list of eligibility requirements and instructions see:

We assist countless foreign nationals and we will be happy to personally assist you with your questions as well. Drop us a line at or call us at (888)354-6257. For reasons on why you should consult an immigration attorney whenever you have an immigration issue, see our page titled: Reasons Why it is Vital to Use an Immigration Lawyer.



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