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Key Changes Coming to the H-1B Program

The H-1B program has provided a way for many skilled foreign nationals to work temporarily in the United States. It has been especially popular among students who have completed their U.S. studies and sought to remain in the U.S. and hone the skills that they acquired as students. While the H-1B program itself has been mildly controversial vis-à-vis other programs (EB-5, DACA, among others), there is nevertheless bipartisan support for the program because at its core, the program is designed to draw the most talented, scholarly, and industrious people from other countries to the United States. The international perception of programs like the H-1B is decried as “Brain Drain”, a phenomenon by which countries lose their best and brightest citizens to developed countries such as the United States. Unequivocally, the U.S. and its economy benefits from the H-1B program, which is the reason for the bipartisan support that exists, and there is even bipartisan support for removing the cap on H-1B issuance. This article discusses the changes that are coming to the program in 2019.



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