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H-1B Application Rejections at All Time High Under Trump Administration

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Unfortunately, many people have been and continue to be fed a narrative that U.S. workers are being negatively financially affected by the presence of temporary foreign workers inside the United States. However, your own independent observations should confirm what several studies have already concluded: that foreign nationals unequivocally bring skills and an entrepreneurial spirit with them to the U.S., and that those positive traits profoundly benefit the U.S. as a nation.

Yes, as with anything in life, benefits will come with both drawbacks and even abuse. No system is perfect. Nevertheless, the net drawbacks or temporary inconvenience which may occur in connection with the H-1B program does not justify the attack that has been waged on the program since the Buy American Hire American executive order signed by President Trump. U.S. workers are allowed to legally work temporarily in many other countries around the world, and the belief that we, the U.S., are being “suckered” is not just incorrect, but ignorant.

It is therefore unsurprising that rejections of H-1B applications have escalated as was reported in the article below. Currently, a bill has been introduced in Congress, HR 1044 that will provide relief for some people seeking H-1B visas at the expense of others. While this bill is being characterized by its proponents as a major benefit to foreign nationals, it is actually more analogous to an airline that rearranges the spacing of seats on an airplane. When airlines re-arranged the seats on board their airplanes to create a more pleasurable experience for their frequent fliers, they added legroom between the seats at the front of economy class while squeezing seats in the rear closer to one another. However, rather than re-arranging the mechanics of the H-1B program, we should craft a solution that comprehensively and objectively addresses the demands of the U.S. economy for foreign talent.

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