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Fewer Foreign Students are Coming to United States to Study

Foreign nationals are all too familiar with the difficulty of obtaining a student visa, whether an F-1 visa or an M-1 visa, for the purpose of enrolling in a school inside the United States. There are countless stories of foreign nationals who are denied student visas for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the consular officer tells that the applicant that the desired course of study appears to be unsuited for the applicant. Other times, applicants have been flatly told that they are too old to study. However, foreign nationals' overall reticence of applying for U.S. student visas appears to have further declined under the Trump administration. This should come as no surprise. The current policies have chilled H and L visa applications, among others, and it stands to reason that student visa applications would face a similar fate. Persons who wish to study in the U.S. would benefit from speaking with an immigration lawyer before they submit an application for a U.S. Student visa. Honestly, using a lawyer in such a preventive way is invaluable. If a foreign national is denied a student visa, it is much harder for the applicant to convince the consulate that the first application was denied in error. Call The Murray Law Firm if you are in need of assistance with immigration law.



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